Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sexy Heels For Winter

There is nothing that makes a woman move in a more seductive way than when she is tottering on top of some fabulously high heels.  Yeh, we all know that chronic wearing of high heels ruins the feet and can cause all sort of alignment issues.  But who can resist the feeling of being taller, more graceful and gliding along once you have mastered the art of balancing on your tippytoes without falling on your face.  Let's not forget the way walking in heels makes a womans bum protrude and rotate from side to side in an effortless sway given by the angels.

Some of the hottest looks this season comes from that paragon of high fashion on the web, Style Bop. These next six examples are sure to awaken the desires of any genetically predisposed human (ie a woman).  Enjoy the view and click on Style Bop to get taken to their website.

 Guiseppe Zanotti Black with Carved Goldtone Heels   $650.00
 Guiseppe Zanotti Black and White Rhinstone Pump   $1395.00
Valentino Black Suede Ankle Strap Heels  $700.00 
Sergio Rossi Flamenco Red Stilettos   $650.00

Edmundo Castillo Pewter Debi Pumps  $795.00

Casadei Peep Toe Python Embossed Plum Stilettos   $570.00

Click on Style Bop for more information and more SHOES!!


  1. It will be great to have all this kind of shoes, specially in casual party and for office. This will make you look good.

    dresses for vegas

  2. Really?? I usually walk from the car to dinner or event and back to the car in super high heels. If I haven't fallen on my face I consider it a good night. Low heels and flats are my standard for office wear....but I have ancient feet!!!


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