Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hot Brunette Movie Stars - Vote For Your Favorite

Here is a selection of some of the finest looking men in filmmaking today.  It is hard to say which one is the hottest.  Help out and vote for who you think is the handsomest.  You can vote for 1, 2, 3 or all four of theses beefcakes (sorry for that, but they are!).  I have an idea who will come out on top, but I am curious to find out what your opinion is.  Personally, I think they are all about as cute as a bugs ear.  Vote below and make your opinion count.

Ben Barnes
 Image From
Johnny Depp
 Image From
Robert Downey Jr.
 Image From

Keanu Reeves
 Image From

Which of these guys is the hottest

Kneau Reeves0%
Johnny Depp0%
Ben Barnes0%
Robert Downey Jr.0%
They are all hawt!!0%

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