Monday, June 17, 2013

Watches As Graduation Gifts, Free Shipping From Amazon

It is time (hehe) to think about getting gifts for the graduates in your life.

There are several reasons why watches are always such and popular and appreciated gift.  The first is that metaphorically, watches indicate the passage of one stage of life to another.  Few passages are as significant as going from a student to "adult" life.

Another reason is that watches are practical.  Almost everyone uses, or has used a watch at some point in their lives.  With today's selection, a watch can have many other applications beyond telling time.

Philip Stein Mother of Pearl, Diamond
 with Ostrich Strap, $1130.00 and free shipping

Fashion is also a consideration when looking for a watch.  There are dress watches, sport watches, watches that tell time in multiple time zones, stop watches, diving watches, the list goes on.  Even the least fashion conscious among us usually has several different style watches.

Citizen Eco Driven Bella Diamond Accented Watch
 List $495.00 now $371.25 and free shipping

Those of us who have 19 different pairs of black shoes most certainly has a variety of watches as well.  One is not going to wear a rough leather banded watch to a formal event for example.  

Casio Women's Baby-G Gray Whale
Digital Sport Watch, $67.00 and free shipping

Watches also offer a degree of intimacy without the implications of other types of jewelry.  You could feel very comfortable giving a friend  a watch, where a ring or pair of earrings would not be as appropriate.

Mulco Unisex  Bluemarine Swiss Movement Watch
List $365.00, now $235.00 and free shipping

Finally, watches are an item that a person holds onto.  When you give a gift of a watch to your graduate, you know that this is a gift that the recipient will enjoy for years to come.  

Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Titanium Watch
List $350.00 now $262.50

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