Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dresses For Summer

I happened to trip onto this site and saw some of the cutiest, retro with a modern twist dresses ever.  I have posted a few on the blog to give you an idea...but you really need to see the site to get an idea of the variety of sweet little dresses they have.  Just click on the images or the link at the beginning and of the page, to get to the Mod Cloth site.  Plus there is a sale going on as well!!!

ModCloth Sale - Get these goodies while you still can!
Backyard Feast Dress in Birds

Taking on Tulsa Dress
Bake Shop Browsing Dress in Grass
New Hit Single Speed Dress
Bygone Days Dress in Skeleton Toile
Can't Go Rung Dress
You  Me  and Daiquiri Dress
Sweet Me Off My Feet Dress
Guest of Honor Dress in Vases
On the Ballroom Dress
Too Much Fun Dress in Airplanes
Dinner Party Darling Dress in Azure
That's Cruise to Me Dress
Enchanted Afternoon Dress
Palm Springs into Action Dress
Paradise Tile Dress
My Heart Skips a Pleat Dress
Tropic of Conversation Dress
Award Show Party Dress
Sense of Tasteful Dress

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