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Supplements Protect Telomeres

In 2009 three Americans won the noble prize for their research into Telomeres, the genetic code that protects the end of chromosomes and is very important in the aging process.  Check out this article in Scientific American Well for us mere mortals........someone has come up with a supplement to help address the telomeres and keep them (and us!) healthier and more youthful.

Introducing Dr. Al Sears MD.  Dr. Sears is board certified in more areas than you can shake a stick at, AND he is also an ACE certified fitness trainer.  He is the darling of the Palm Beach set, (where his anti-aging clinic is), but you don't have to be a zillionaire to get his treatments.

On his website you can now get his new product called Chalice. Click on this link to get to the homepage of his site.
Dr Sears, Primal Force Health Supplements -- native nutrients you need for optimal health! Learn More Now!

And would you please tell me why all doctors have to pose in their white coats?  Anyway, Chalice (as in Fountain of Youth), is the latest and greatest of the Telomere protecting supplements. Definitely worth looking into even if you are under 35.

What Is A Nutritatrian?

A Nutritatrian is a person who naturally prefers the most nutritious foods for the body.  Seems like an ideal that only those of us that are blessed with a lack of taste buds would enjoy.  Certainly anyone with      a craving for chocolate and a nice thick sirloin would run at the thought of something as hideous as eating food that is only GOOD for you.

But HAH......there is actually someone who has taken the concept of eating what is good for you and put it into a real a doable plan.  Not some crazy cider vinegar diet, but real food that lets your body function at the optimum level.  This person is Dr. Joel Furhman.  You might have caught him on PBS.  Or maybe you have seen his picture at the local bookstore on his New York Times #1 best seller "Eat To Live".   No?  Well that's ok because here is a link to his site.  Just click on this image.

Dr. Fuhrman

There is all sorts of information on his site including samples of some of the Furhman recipes.  Now I am not going to tell you that he's going to give you a healthy recipe for double chocolate fudge cake,  but he will tell you how you can eat your way out of high blood pressure, diabetes, rhumatoid arthritus and even depression.  Oh and you might even lose that extra 10 pounds.

Flab Free Upper Arms

Whether you call it bat wings, yutta da yut, or old lady arms, flabby tricepts are the bane of women of every age.  This unsightly condition can be caused by genetics, weight or the slackening of muscle tone that comes with age.  The good news is it is one of the easiest parts of the body to tone up.  And it can be done relatively quickly at that.  If you start a toning program today you will be able to wear that sleeveless dress to your holiday event without a shawl!

The following videos will show you the proper form and exercises to do.  The thing is, once you get the feel of the muscles being toned you don't have to get out your weights to work the tricepts.  Carrying your groceries, those reports at work, heck even cans of soup will provide enough resistance for you to keep working the back of those arms multiple times a day.  Just get the form right and you will feel the muscle working.

The second thing you need to do is use a skin tightening cream on the back of those arms every day.  This is not an extravagance. As your muscles tighten and shrink the use of a tightening cream will help you skins collagen to activate, keeping the skin nice and tight against your new taught tricepts.

The first video shows the proper form for a tricepts kickback.  I like the way Jillian Michaels describes it because of the detail she goes into.  In these exercises (like most weight training) form is critical to success.   The second video is a mini workout.  IT IS TOUGH, especially if you have never done anything like this before.  But don't get scared, you do not NEED to to the leg part.  Just focus on the arm movements at first.  Then once you get going .....well try the whole workout if you want.

Video 2

OK now that the tough part is through......get yourself some Perlier Il Melograno Lift Express Arms.  Use it at least once a day.  The Perlier Il Melograno Lift Express Arms can also be used on the bust, neck and abdomen for lift in those areas as well.

To get more information on the Perlier Il Melograno Lift Express Arms click on the name.  So now with a bit of work you are going to have arms that stop waving when you do!  But remember, you can do either the exercises or the cream, but for super results do them both.  You will look gorgeous and feel confident in that sleevless dress you have had your eyes on!  Here's to your pretty tricepts!


  1. Wow, interesting topic! Skin tightening cream? It sounds a little bit weird for me!

    1. I know, it is hard to believe that modern technology can actually create products that work as well as they do. Being a man, you probably don't have the same issues with drooping skin that women do as you are genetically predisposed to a greater muscle mass on your body. These products are great and can make a huge difference in the appearance of the lose skin. Of course surgery is the way to make very large skin tightening changes, but it leaves scars, can be dangerous, and is expensive, tightening creams are a much more cost effective way to get arms, bust, tummy and thighs in better shape. Good luck!

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