Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pole Dancing for Fitness

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Just hearing the words "Pole Dancing" congers up images of dark, smelly strip clubs and sleezy people.  Pole Dancing is certainly not anything that a "nice" woman would ever do.

Well, that has changed.  If you look at the recent surge in popularity of pole dancing it is not because of the erotic component.  Pole dancing has been discovered by fitness gurus and celebrities such as Eve Longoria and Kate Middleton, Marisa Tomei, Jennifer Aniston and Ellen Degeneres

,(click on this link to see a display of strength and acrobatics using a pole),  as a wonderful way to improve your muscle tone, balance, grace and self esteem.  If you think about it, a dancing pole has been around in a very acceptable format for many years.  I am speaking about the ballet barre.

Anyone who has ever taken a ballet class as a child is familiar with the barre attached to the wall.  Often the barre is placed against a mirror, so the students can observe their form as they attempt to emulate the movements performed by the instructor.

A ballet barre provides the student with a mechanism for support and balance while pushing their body to stretch and develop strength.  The barre is a tool without which many movements would take much longer to master.

The vertical pole for pole dancing provides the same type of support, just oriented differently.  It is now possible to go to pole dancing classes, where the emphasis is on fitness.  See the following video.

If you are too shy to take a class, you can purchase a pole, with video instructions, to learn in the privacy of your own home.  Amazon has a great selection of poles to choose from.

Having a pole at home is also useful to practice in privacy, even if you are taking classes.  Amazon offers all sorts of additional gear to help you with your pole dancing efforts, from slip resistant gloves and socks, to video classes.

So if you want to have a fun, new way to get into great shape, try out pole dancing.  The erotic elements are entirely optional.  You will, however, probably feel sexier just from having a more toned ans flexible body.

Let me know if you have done pole dancing and your results!  Here's to tighter abs and firmer arms!

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