Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hard Cider Instead Of Beer

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Anyone in the US that has visited the British Isles is well aware of the wonderful hard ciders served in the quaint pubs that dot the countryside. You can get these delicious amber colored elixirs by the pint just like the Guinness.  What many people don't know is that cider was the favorite of the Founding Fathers of America.  

According to an article in News Review, the average Massachusetts resident in 1767 drank 35 gallons of hard cider a year.  Much easier to produce than beer or wine, all that is needed is apples.

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It has been difficult to procure a decent cider on this side of the pond until recently.  Even Irish pubs in larger metropolitan areas of the US only served one variety of hard cider by bottle or on tap.  Usually it was Woodpecker.  I must graciously disagree with a recent ranking of hard ciders in the Hufffington Post.  They have Woodpecker as number 2 and Magners as 14.  I would put Magners,Strong Bow, Hornsby's and Blackthorne as the top ciders with Woodchuck a distant second and Woodpecker to be consumed only as a last resort.  

The light and crisp taste of a nice, dry, hard cider is more refreshing than the yeastiness of beers.  It goes well with casual and pub type foods, and it has a kick that can sneak up on you.   As a matter of fact a drink called the snakebite, a blend of hardcider and beer cannot be served as it tends to put one under the table.  

Please remember this ditty before your next foray into experimenting with alcohol.

One drink is lovely,
Two at the most,
Cause with three you're under the table,
Four you're under the host.

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